In 2020, respondents to the Germany Business Climate survey painted a rather bleak picture of the business climate. The pandemic was in its early stages, and Swedish companies operating in Germany were uncertain of the future and worried about their survival. However, the results of this year’s survey reflect the growing optimism felt across Europe. Swedish companies are planning to increase investment; they expect turnover to increase and seem to have made it through the pandemic fairly well. Furthermore, the respondents of this survey are satisfied with the German business climate, and the Swedish brand remains strong, symbolising both innovation and sustainability. 

Swedish companies have experienced a change in the German market throughout the pandemic in terms of an increase in digitalisation and the usage of digital tools. However, the level of digitalisation in Germany is generally still perceived as low. Although this is challenging for Swedish companies, it is also an area full of opportunity. 

The German market has always been very important to Swedish companies and continues to be so. Swedish companies and products enjoy a great reputation for innovation and quality, but also sustainability among consumers.

About the survey

The purpose of this report is to increase the understanding of Swedish companies’ performance in Germany and deepen our appreciation of the opportunities and challenges that the German market poses.

The report is produced on a annual basis by Team Sweden, a joint initiative where Business Sweden collaborates with Sweden’s local embassies, consulates and chambers of commerce around the world, among other stakeholders.

The survey provides first-hand perspectives and insights into business trends, issues and challenges in global markets based on extensive interviews with Swedish companies operating in each respective country.

Download the 2021 Germany Business Climate Survey to read the full results and analysis.