The Netherlands has its sight set on a rapid transition to a carbon-neutral economy that supports strong economic growth and energy security, but the current energy crisis and the need to renovate buildings and heat networks to bring them up to current efficiency standards are major barriers. 

With a traditional reliance on natural gas and coal, the short-term answers are not easy, but the government has made tough and bold decisions to shut down production at Groningen gas field, one of the world’s largest and a main source of domestic energy. 

Political commitment to the transition has been slowed with recent election outcomes taking a substantial time to resolve, but now the agenda for change is set. This presents an opportunity for Swedish companies who can demonstrate expertise in integrating energy systems at local and regional levels to play a significant role in meeting critical targets before 2030. 

This insight article explores the current domestic energy landscape in the Netherlands and outlines where Swedish companies can enter or expand in the market to deliver in-demand energy solutions. 

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